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My name is Sonya, and with the support of my family and friends, and an amazing board of directors, I founded GrandPaws Pantry in 2016.

I decided to create this charity because I am the proud owner of 2 rescue dogs and they have been a joy to my life. I know personally how amazing rescue pets are, and I want to encourage people to open their hearts and their homes and consider rescue pet adoption. 

I also want to educate regarding the bond between people and their pets. Specifically, with seniors and the mental health benefits companion pets provide. 

I grew up in the company of my elderly grandmother which helped me understand the challenges many seniors face with loneliness, depression, and anxiety. These circumstances inspired me to enact meaningful change in my community.

Today, 1 in 4 seniors suffer from anxiety and depression. Furthermore, more than 70% of these adults report that having a pet helps them cope with their physical challenges and emotional struggles. More than 46% also state that pets help them manage their physical pain. 


Through year-round fundraising efforts, community support, and individual donations, GrandPaws Pantry provides monthly pet supplies to senior citizens with companion pets in Phoenix metro care facilities.

We use social media and community outreach to encourage rescue pet adoption, educate regarding senior mental health awareness and the benefits of companion pet ownership.

100% of all proceeds and donations to GrandPaws Pantry are used to fund the Senior Companion Pet Care Program and help Senior citizens live happily with their companion pets.

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